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I will try and make this review fairly short, there will be minor spoilers throughout, but nothing which will destroy the show. Shokugeki no Souma is in essence a conflict shounen, but without real physical fighting it’s about food. That may seem odd, but this is actually what it’s, we have a cocky lead character who’s determined to be the best or become stronger, and to do so he to fight many enemies and scale the ranks. Now, for an anime about food it might seems strange to have this style of storytelling, but it really works for this series and makes for a enjoyable to see show. I had a lot of fun watching this show, but of course I ‘ve some troubles. Firstly, even though I enjoy our chief character I believe hes a little TOO good at everything. What I mean by that’s he starts off the show very good, and with the exceptions of a couple times he is consistently on top. Consequently, he really doesn’t develop much over the show and there is little to no relatability, he has no defects, except for maybe his cockiness. Also in the beginning there is extremely heavy foreshadowing that love affair will probably be introduced, and it’s debatable that this aspect was explored a bit, but actually that went nowhere. Other than that it was quite entertaining to watch and I appreciated viewing the reactions of people when tasting delicious food.

Narrative 7/10- Nothing really original, but the show did not repeat the primary shounen like battle formula for all of it, there were some smaller arcs in the show that provided a fine change of pace. To understand www.ShokugekiSoma.com even better, check out this website.

Artwork 8/10- It was well animated and I did not detect any drops in quality, the fan service was a bit over the top sometimes, and even though I appreciated it ūüėČ I still thought it was a bit too much at times.

Sound 7/10- Again, it was good, but I can’t think of any song that sticks out, except possibly the first op.

Character 9/10- The characters are where I got most of my enjoyment from the show, they were interesting to watch, although most were underdeveloped.

Enjoyment 9/10- Watching how the judges would respond to tasting the food was very interesting to see, and overall the series was a great time. To get more information on Shokugeki Soma, go this website.

Total 8/10- While not the most original, and certain aspects were lacking I found this anime to be very interesting to observe, and a great time overall.

Rick Keller

Rick Keller is a Research Fellow for the Brookings Institution and also works as freelance blogger. Rick can be contacted for similar writing projects, please fill out the contact form with his name attached.

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