Twelve Things I Like About Canadian Real Estate, But #3 Is My Favorite


There once was a time where the world didn’t think much of Canada. It was the backwater of North America, a simple piece of landmass which was understood best as the 51st state. Times have changed, and Canada has moved from being on the periphery to taking centre stage.

The events of the last year has seen the emergence of Canada as an important economic actor on the planet stage. Canada has emerged from the crash of 2008 and following recession unscathed: the nation experienced no subprime mortgage crisis, nor do we have a sovereign debt crisis like the European Union. Canada has already departed the post-recession recovery phase and entered a period of growth. Canadian banks are in sound condition, and are being controlled by sound monetary policy by the Minister of Finance and Governor of the Bank of Canada.

In the event you are planning to invest in real estate in British Columbia, Canada, one of the challenges will be to choose a strategy that would bring the greatest returns. In the current marketplace, you can no longer count on quick price increases and flipping. Now that real estate prices are stabilizing, one must think about long term strategy for their investment. The easiest and most popular one is to let unfurnished property for a long term. However, an increasing number of landlords are realizing they can get higher yields in short-term furnished rentals market, particularly by converting their investment property into a corporate housing unit. Corporate housing units are rented to companies which send their workers for short-term projects or relocate them on temporary basis. Since the business accounts for the rental payment as well as the unit, property owner can be sure the unit will soon be in good condition and consistently paid for.

In the city of Vancouver there’s an enormous demand for corporate housing due to the essence of the market. Vancouver is home to numerous big corporations in a number of sectors which often bring in employees from other parts of the state or across the entire world on a temporary basis. Examples of this can be seen in the film, technology, program, and transport industries. For holistic information on Eddie Yan go to this page now. Film companies will frequently gather a cast and crew for a production that lasts a few months; technology firms including Telus will bring in staff to Vancouver for training lessons that last a number of months; software companies including EA Games will import gift out of their other offices for the generation cycle of a video game. Regardless of which particular industry it’s in Vancouver, there will be a continuous demand for furnished property leases.

If you are thinking about investing in Canadian real estate, an investment in Vancouver flats and condominiums is a sensible one. If a landlord takes the time and spends the money to tastefully furnish the property, its potential to make an impressive return on investment that will perform continuously.

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